Melody Williams

Principal Designer

Melody Marr is the Principal Designer at The Landscape Room, the mother of two young teenagers, Melody has spent several years as Head of the Landscape Design School at Wintec.

With a passion for all things architectural, Melody immerses herself in the global works of Frank Lloyd Wright and Roberto Burle Marx as two of her design and style icons.

Outside of the workplace you will most likely find Melody on the touchlines at a sporting event or engaging in her love for spending countless hours creating fine cuisine.

Devon Marr

Project Manager

Devon is the go-to person for successful project planning and co-ordination at The Landscape Room.    Trained and qualified in process management and with skills honed working in the industry, Devon brings a great blend of practical and best practice approaches to the management of both residential and commercial landscape projects.

A representative footballer throughout his younger years, when the weekend kicks in, be it summer or winter, you will still find Devon either on the pitch or in the stands at a football match.

Ann Thompson

Ann Thompson  – Site Analysis & Reviewer

Ann is the key person for appraising complex and interesting sites both prior to and during design and construction.  This includes analysis of council and regulatory requirements including the RMA.

With many years spent in the wider building and construction sector Ann brings a very hands on approach to this role.

Once the working week is over, Ann is likely to be found engaged in a mix of DIY or enjoying the great kiwi outdoors.

Ollie Dog

Office Manager, Security...

Ollie has been a key part of the team at the Landscape Room for more than 10 years.  Always willing to offer clients extra special attention in return for a small ear scratch or a gentle tummy rub.

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