At The Landscape Room we believe in offering you a design and installation process that is stimulating, engaging and only demanding of your time if you want to be hands-on. Otherwise, we can do it all for you, from design, to project management, to overseeing the long term maintenance.

1. Initial Consultation

At the onsite consultation we take a full brief from you to establish your vision, needs and requirements for the landscape. This stage is also important for us to ensure we precisely understand any current or future site related factors to take into consideration when designing.

2. The Concept Plan

Based on the information gained from meeting with you, we produce a full concept design with relevant 3D drawings to convey the arrangement of space and hardscape elements, style of planting and look and feel for your landscape.

3. The Planting Plan and Technical Specs

Following signoff on the Concept Plans we then produce detailed planting plans and plant lists and working drawings for hardscape construction. These provide a clear framework for the construction and planting of your landscape.

4. Project management

The team at The Landscape Room actively will work on your behalf to project manage the physical process of landscape construction and planting to ensure that the final result meets our exacting requirements for quality and timeliness.


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